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Women’s Logic #2

Chocolate comes from cocoa.

Which is a tree.

That makes it a plant.

Chocolate is salad.

Women’s Logic #1

I’m having fruit salad for dinner.

Well it’s mostly grapes.

Okay, all grapes.

Fermented grapes.

Okay, I’m having wine for dinner. 

October has so many goodies to wait for!

I cannot wait.

I cannot wait.

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The most inspiring yet dangerous couple I love. 

“knowing you has made me question everything, that in death you are the one that made me feel most alive”

—   Elena Gilbert 

Ginge <3

Give me actual ginger hair, please. 



His voice, his beautiful sexy voice. 
I hear it in my sleep!
The greatest teachers are in great stories. 

The greatest teachers are in great stories. 

Twelve days til Zante holiday no. 2!

Second year of university.

Is complete! Freedom for a month.